• Mint tea

    Mint tea

    Refreshing herbal tea with intense aroma, with expectorant and digestive properties due to the combination with mint.
  • Camomile


    Herbal tea with golden color and sweet and balanced aftertaste. Relaxing, it helps digestion besides having some anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Tropical Senses

    Tropical Senses

    Explosion of flavors for this refreshing infusion that transports us from the first sip to the very tropic. Exotic and with a sweet touch it overflows our senses, diuretic and contains no theine.
  • Soft fruit

    Soft fruit

    With deep red color and fruity flavor with a slightly acid aftertaste, this herbal tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidant and does not contain theine.
  • Green Sencha tea

    Green Sencha tea

    Originally from Japan, this tea is created with the first shoots of the plant and flavored with cinnamon, rose, and orange flowers. Slightly stimulating and antioxidant.
  • White Jazmine tea

    White Jazmine tea

    Obtained from sprouts and young leaves, and flavored by jasmine flowers, this tea tastes softly and delicate, with a sweet and floral aroma. Relaxing and mildly analgesic.
  • Pu-Erh red tea

    Pu-Erh red tea

    Originally from the Yunnan province in China, flavored with fruit is sweet and refreshing, ideal for hot summer afternoons and with digestive properties.
  • Black tea

    Black tea

    It is the result of a combination of black tea from Ceylon and Assam. Characterized by an intense flavor, can be enjoyed with milk. Slightly stimulating and antioxidant.
  • Rooibos Relax

    Rooibos Relax

    Herbal tea with flavor similar to the red tea but it contains no theine. The combination of lime, lemon and herbs provide a balanced flavor. It helps digestion and sleeping.
  • Green tea

    Green tea

    Originally from China part of leaves drying process is made with a steam-based system in order to preserve the original properties of the leaves. Balanced flavor and astringent, slightly stimulating and antioxidant.
  • Pineapple Detox

    Pineapple Detox

    Careful combination of natural herbs specially selected to help on purifying body. With a light touch of pineapple flavor, this delicious combination of tastes is also mildly stimulating and antioxidant
  • Rooibos Almond Caramel

    Rooibos Almond Caramel

    In this theine-free infusion, the sweet and enveloping aroma of the caramel and the properties of the almond are perfectly combined to create a unique recipe


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