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All our coffee machines are 100% MADE IN ITALY and are also recognized for their excellent technical characteristics, and are extraordinary coffee machines for home or office use. Our coffee machines use capsules (PODS) containing 7.2 g of coffee with 44 mm in diameter, made with biodegradable paper’s rice.

Coffee machines counts with double boilers (depending on models) and with temperature controller that allows you to obtain high-quality extraction as in a cafeteria.

Coffee machines are made in a wide range of styles and offers a variety of unique and contemporary designs to add a modern touch to your home or office. Contact us to know more about the new collections.

Main Features

  • Aluminum boiler
  • Inox pod press
  • 44mm Pods and y 7,2g of coffee for a perfect exctraction
  • Fixed temperature controller 95°/98°
  • 1.4 lt PET water tank capacity
  • 15 Bar vibratory pump
  • Power supply 220v. – 50 Hz


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